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AquariaUSA takes great pride in designing your aquatic system from start to finish, working from carefully planned aquatic system engineering to species selection and acclimation. Most consumers and businesses that look for aquariums, usually start by finding a retail store, that focuses on high margin to keep the doors open. AquariaUSA does not offer walk-in retail, for we focus on our contract clients, and are able to remain very competitive without the retail overhead. AquariaUSA follows a strict Quality Assurance Program to ensure that all of our clients are completely satisfied with our installation and maintenance services, and that the aquariums are seen more as an art exhibit than just a "retail grade fish tank." 
​AquariaUSA is built on aquatic husbandry experience, and the design of a quality system from the start whether considered high or low tech. All livestock is quarantined for a period of six to eight weeks before being considered for a client exhibit. All livestock added to a client exhibit is also guaranteed for a period of thirty days. Our goal is for a client to have a fish for more than just a few months or a year, and the average age of the majority of our marine fish in client exhibits is seven years, with many over the ten year threshold. 
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